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Programs and Services.

Technical Services

  • Advisory Services
  • Industrial Research
  • Technology Assessment, Development and Demonstration
  • Testing and Analysis

The services above are offered through the following program areas:

Petroleum Division

  • Heavy Oil and Oil Sands- Offers specialized expertise, facilities and equipment in the areas of recovery technologies, surface separation technologies, production technologies, engineered materials, and mining and extraction.
  • Fuels & Lubricants - Working with oil, gas and renewable fuels industries to provide specialized characterization services, to problem-solve difficult processes, and to evaluate new equipment and products.

Environment & Carbon Management Division

  • Environmental Analytical Services- Comprehensive contaminant monitoring specializing in the analysis of organic and inorganic compounds in water, wastewater, air, soil, sludge, solids, waste oil, solvents, sediment and biological tissues.
  • Land & Water- Builds sustainable resource management capacity through research, development and deployment of scientifically valid integrated land and water management tools.
  • Wildlife Ecology- Applied research on biodiversity, wildlife species, vegetation, and natural processes to maintain healthy sustainable ecosystems on a managed land base.
  • Clean Energy- A combination of client-defined projects and technology development programs to fill technology gaps that will help Alberta achieve the outcomes defined in the Climate Change Strategy.
  • Geo-Science & Carbon Storage - Features incomparable access to global knowledge and experience in carbon management activities, including gasification, gas separation and geological storage of CO2.

Bio & Industrial Technologies Division

  • Fibre Products- Integrated, multi-displinary teams of experts applying their knowledge of biology, agronomy and molecular plant breeding to develop biofibre applications that produce sustainable, customized fibres for commercialization.
  • Bioresource Technologies- Focuses on developing plant / crop-based renewable resources that are a viable alternative to the current dependence on non-renewable, diminishing fossil resources. Provides technologies and services in multi-product crop platforms, genetic, genomic and biotechnological improvement of biomass; oilseed biotechnology, and agricultural waste material solutions.
  • Advanced Materials- Providing materials R&D, testing and pre-commercialization services to the energy, manufacturing, natural resource, and supply sectors.
  • Industrial Sensors - Developing sensors and measurement solutions to help clients reduce loss, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Health Division

  • NuRx Services - is focused on bringing New Health Products to market - biotechnology, pharmaceutical, natural health products, etc. - and provides services for a wide range of products or processes using chemical, biochemical or fermentation technologies, along with offering the non-clinical testing needed for proving these products.

Funding Programs


  • Graduate Student Scholarships - In partnership with Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, this program supports academically superior graduate students undertaking a full-time research education at an Alberta university, leading to a research-based Master's or Doctoral degree in one of the following areas: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Nanotechnology, and Omics.


  • Alberta Innovates Vouchers- This program helps small technology and knowledge-driven businesses in Alberta get their ideas and products to market faster. Companies can apply for vouchers worth up to $15,000 or $50,000 to be used with a service provider for business and technology development services.
  • Commercialization Associates- This program addresses the growing need for highly trained business and management personnel in Alberta high-tech industries. It allows Alberta companies to recruit business professionals with exceptional experience, leading to stronger technology commercialization for the benefit of the company and Alberta's economy.
  • R&D Associates - This program addresses the increasing research and development (R&D) personnel needs of Alberta industry. It allows Alberta companies to recruit recent Master's and PhD graduates to conduct research that benefits the organization while contributing to meaningful experience for recent graduates.


  • Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre (ABDC)- The Centre provides industry with access to a network of highly qualified industry development and technical staff, expertise and specialized equipment for the rapid and effective development of biomaterials, biochemicals and bioenergy. The ABDC network extends beyond just equipment and researchers; it advances the projects of industry clients by working with them to secure resources, establish business partnerships and coordinate the services necessary for their idea to be converted into a commercial reality.
  • Centres for Research & Commercialization- This program bridges the well-established research equity in Alberta's universities to Alberta's key industrial sectors in energy and the environment, bio industries and in health. The Centres provide collaborative hubs where Alberta's top researchers address pressing industry problems, support company R&D and train Alberta's top students, providing a strong platform for Alberta's next generation economy.
  • nanoAlberta- This program facilitates the expansion of research capacity and new commercial application development in the field of nanotechnology. It currently represents the single most dedicated authority on nanotechnology research, development and commercialization activities in the province.
  • Alberta Regional Innovation Network System - a new, integrated province-wide system ensuring SMEs and innovators have access to vital services and resources to help them succeed. It was formed to bring together Alberta's Regional Innovation Networks (RINs); RINs are comprised of educational, economic development, research and other organizations that help develop and increase the adoption of productivity and innovation in small and medium sized enterprises. Within this new integrated system, RINs from across the province can collaborate and share resources and services to better meet the needs of businesses in their geographical area.

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